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Gangstar Vegas

I had the honor to work on a new game in one of Gameloft’s most popular franchise: Gangstar. As a UI Designer my main goal was to create an interface that guides the player as he progresses through the world while keeping him focused on the game.

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Ski Tracker

Ski Tracker is an iPhone App concept that records all users’ mountain movements and provides his Run-by-Run or whole-day analysis in numeral, chart or map view.

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Pulp Fiction

A concept inspired by Tarantino.

Pulp Fiction is a website in which one has the options to view the movie’s main events in chronological order or in the director’s order sequence.

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I had the privilege of working with companies like Coca-Cola, Gameloft, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Art Lebedev Studio, Samsung and more.

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