I worked on projects of all sorts and sizes. I worked on developer tools like Shopify Partners Dashboard and consumer-facing mobile apps like Shop. I designed Experts Marketplace from zero to one, and scaled Shopify App Store from one to many. I designed early versions of Shopify integrations with Facebook and Pinterest and ran experiments to increase Shopify activation rate. I did designs myself and led teams of other designers. I worked with businesses in ecommerce, fintech, smb and devtools spaces.

Here are a few examples of my work:

Shopify Experts Marketplace

A three years long project I joined as a founding designer. During that time I helped to validate the concept, build a UX team and grow a simple MVP into the thriving marketplace used by thousands of merchants today.


I helped a takeout management platform ventured into dine-in space. The firm reached out to me in a moment of high uncertainty after it became clear that their original approach didn’t work. In a few sprints, I identified core customer needs, aligned with the team on MVP scope, and designed a prototype that merchants loved.